Meet the Goats

The Ladies


lamancha goat at crooked chimney farm

Babette: This gorgeous Lamancha Alpine Cross is a champion milker and the best mamma. She loves her morning grain, cuddling with her babies and sister, and eating the highest leaves off the tallest branches.


lamancha goat with flower crown at crooked chimney farm

Miss Patty: Lamancha Alpine Cross and sister to Babette, this big girl is a wild child. She is mischievous, but a sweetheart at her core. She loves carrot sticks, chest rubs, and getting into trouble. 




Fern: This little Alpine Lamancha Cross doeling is one of our newest herd additions. She is a born athlete and already jumping over gates and fences we didn't think possible. This little cutie will keep us on our toes!


The Gentlemen


alpine buck goat crooked chimney farm

Duke: This handsome Alpine buck is a real charmer. His devilish good looks and affectionate demeanor will win you over for sure. He loves raspberries, head scratches, and the ladies.



Alpine buck goat crooked chimney farm

Willie: This laid back Alpine buck is a real happy go lucky dude. His favorite things include playing headbutts with Duke and napping in the sun, but really he's just happy to be here.