DIY PVC Goat Mineral Feeder

DIY PVC Goat Mineral Feeder

DIY PVC Goat Mineral Feeder

Goats need access to free choice loose minerals 24/7. The problem is, most mineral feeders don’t have a way to prevent goats from stepping or pooping in their minerals.

We were finding that we had to toss out and replace their mineral multiple times a day which was both a huge waste and costly.

We spent a long time looking a different style mineral feeds both available for purchase and inspiration from the DIY world. We ended up going with a PVC pipe style DIY feeder because it was cheap, simple to make, and functional for our current set up.

There are a ton of variations on this kind of feeder out there, but here is a step-by-step guide to how we built ours.



for the feeder

1 12” piece of 4” PVC pipe

12" straight PVC pipe

1 4” female adapter

PVC female adapter

1 4” plug

PVC plug

1 4” 45° elbow

45 pvc elbow

1 4” 90° elbow

90 degree pvc elbow


To assemble

PVC primer

PVC Cement

pvc primer and cement


To mount the feeder

2 8” strips of metal strapping

4 screws






  1. Before glueing anything, connect all of your pieces together dry to make sure everything fits.
  2. Working from the top-down, apply the primer to the inside of the female adapter and the outside of one end of the straight pipe. Then apply the cement over the primer and immediately push the ends together.priming pvc pipe
  3. Repeat this for the opposite end of the straight pipe and the 90° elbow.
  4. Repeat one more to connect the other end of the 90° elbow to the 45° elbow.
  5. Screw the threaded plug into the top of the feeder (the end with the female adapter.
    pvc goat mineral feeder
  6. Mount the feeder in place using 2 pieces of metal strapping or brackets.
    pvc goat mineral feeder
  7. Fill with minerals and watch the goats investigate!

goat at pvc mineral feeder