How to be a Modern Day Homesteader

How to be a Modern Day Homesteader

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You may have noticed the term “modern day homesteading” starting to trend recently, but what exactly does that mean?  An internet search will bring up tons of different definitions. It seems that the exact meaning is open to interpretation, but every definition out there shares a few common themes:

-A lifestyle of self-sufficiency

Homesteading means relying less on the outside world for the things that you need, and instead providing them for yourself. This could mean growing some of your own vegetables so that you don’t need to buy them from the grocery store, or trading in the store-bought cleaning supplies for homemade ones. Some really serious homesteaders go as far as living completely off grid. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to homesteading. Depending on where you live, your lifestyle and your own personal goals, becoming more self-sufficient might mean a few daily routine changes or a complete lifestyle overhaul, and everything in between. 

-A desire to live as naturally as possible

The dietitian in me loves this concept. Homesteading and whole foods go hand in hand. It doesn’t get any better than harvesting, preparing, and eating your own homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You know exactly where your food comes from and be sure it’s of the highest quality. Living more naturally doesn’t only apply to food. Making your own natural cleaning supplies, sewing your own clothes, and making the switch to organic personal hygiene products and makeup all are steps that you can take to live a more natural lifestyle. Living more naturally has done wonders for my health, my mood and my spirit. 

-Making the most out of what you have 

This is my favorite element of the modern day homesteading mentality. Getting into this lifestyle teaches you how to identify the things that you truly need, and you’ll be surprised sometimes at how little that actually is. You learn to repurpose items that you already have instead of always buying brand new and you gain a new appreciation for the things that you have. When each purchase that you make is thought out and intentional, it means more. Not only does it feel freeing to shed the excess weight of things that you don’t really need, it’s also good for your wallet. 

These three concepts are the pinnacles of what it means to be a homesteader. They are what makes the lifestyle so rewarding. Homesteading gives us a sense of fulfillment, purpose and a deeper connection to nature and to each other. If this sounds like the right lifestyle for you, follow along as I blog about our adventures as newbies in homesteading. I’ll do my best to provide some practical tips and advice, and help you learn from our mistakes!